A letter on my behalf..

Wm. Davis & son’s, inc.

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Leigh King
32600 Maggie Mine Rd.
Black Canyon City, AZ. 85324

To Whom it may concern;

This letter is to serve as a reference to Ms. King’s character.

I have known Leigh J. King for approximately 10 years. She first came to me on a recommendation for extra labor help with my construction company. I was told she was a very hard worker. I was also told she was very talented in the painting and trim areas of my work. This she has proved over and over again. She is very talented at applying “Venetian Plaster” finishes. Ms. King has helped me complete numerous projects on multi million dollar home remodels. It I need someone to help keep a crew working or materials picked up and delivered she always is up for the challenge. As to Ms. King’s work ethic, it is of the highest order. She has never missed an appointment, her appearance is always neat and clean and of the first order. She does not smoke or drink on the job, although she does smoke. She does not use drugs that I am aware and has never “acted” under the influence to my knowledge. I would/have/will employed Ms. King again without hesitation.

As to Ms. King’s parenting of her daughter, Leah, I can state unequivocally that she has never done anything to jeopardize her daughter. Infact since Leah’s birth she has done everything humanly possible to provide a warm, nurturing environment for her daughter. As a single mother I’m sure it has not been an easy road but Leigh has always put the wellbeing of her daughter first and foremost in her life. Ms. King works hard at keeping food on the table and a roof over their heads. I know this because on more than one occasion, I have been called about extra work to see what is available. Like I said her work ethic is second to none. On the occasions that I have met Leah with her mother, she has always been happy and full of energy. Leah is never unclean, not dressed appropriately, rude or “out of control”. Infact she is never out of her mother’s sight except when in preschool. Again, as I have stated previously, Ms. King is a great mother and a role model for single mothers.

At this point I feel it should be pointed out that back in 2013 around October, Ms. King was assaulted by the person who presumably became Leah’s father. I only know him by a first name of “Guy”. On the date in question, I received a call telling me that Ms. King would not be able to show up for work. When asked why, I was told, through the sobbing and crying, that she had been hit in the face by this man. I told her to call the police and report it. Whether or not she did I don’t know. However, I did go to her house and convince her to let me take her to the Hospital. I drove and dropped her off at the emergency room entrance of St. Joseph’s hospital. She was quite badly bruised and beat up. She returned to work a few days later. My employer at the time saw the remnants of her encounter also. Since Leah’s birth, Leigh’s boyfriend Guy, in my opinion had done nothing to foster the wellbeing of his daughter Leah or Leigh for that matter. He is not living with Leigh and Leah. Neither has he ever to my knowledge. About child care and support I cannot speak as I don’t know the particulars. I do know that since Leah’s birth, Guy has spent much time trying to undermine Leigh’s parenting. Either by reporting bogus claims or taking Leah out of state on “house moving” trips and not returning on appointed times.

I feel that I must say, while Leigh is far from perfect, she is a hard working single mother who puts the wellbeing of her daughter before anything else in her life. Leigh has made huge changes in her lifestyle and she only has her daughters welfare at heart. Leigh has had to over come being a single unwed mother, trying to balance home and work. All this without any outside help. She is to be commended not penalized.


William Davis